This week President Biden delivered a commencement address at HBCU South Carolina State University. Among the wisdom Biden shared with graduates was to inform them that black entrepreneurs don’t have lawyers while white entrepreneurs do. The president also told grads he used to hang out at a black church after mass, and that’s how he honed his desegregation strategy.

In addition, Biden turned the subject to how the U.S. is viewed in the eyes of other nations (especially after 1/6), claiming that 140 heads of state have asked him one particular question: “Is America gonna be alright?”

If it’s true that 140 heads of state asked Biden the same question, the leaders of other nations must coordinate talking points more than the White House and U.S. media.

Biden often sounds like he’s yelling at the people he’s talking to.

What an inspiring speech for the graduates. *Cue eye roll*

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