This week most congressional Democrats are working toward passing a spending bill that will end up being a compromise with other Dems who don’t want to go as “big” as President Biden does. But when it comes to trying to sell the massive spending bill to the public, Biden and the Democrats always know they have CNN to serve as an extension of their press offices:

The article itself reads like a Biden White House press release. Here are two examples out of the “10 Bold Ideas” CNN examined while wearing DNC-colored glasses:

How the Spending Bill Would Change Your Life

>Bold idea: Guaranteed paid family and medical leave
How’s it going? Proposals for 12 weeks have been pared back to four. A guarantee for all has been limited to those making less than $100,000.

Bold idea: Feed every hungry child
How would it work? Spend $35 billion to give millions more kids access to food at school during the year and in the summer. This would build off of investments made in pandemic relief bills, although those had varying success in different states.
How’s it going? This has not been an obvious sticking point.

The DNC will appreciate that entire “news” story.

Even North Korean state media would tell CNN to take it down a notch.

Inflation will rise even faster, etc.

There’s no doubt the bill would “change lives.” CNN is just trying to help fool people into believing it would be for the better in their quest to expand dependency on Big Government.