White House chief of staff Ron Klain has exhibited a penchant for retweeting anybody in the media who dutifully helps push Biden and the Dems’ preferred narratives on any given subject.

This time Klain cited a David Brooks column at the New York Times about the Democrat attempt to “deliver dignity” to the nation’s workers:

First of all…

Klain first needs to bring some dignity to his ability to link to stories.

Biden and the Democrats aren’t going to deliver “dignity” to workers. Rampant inflation, yes, but they’re incapable of delivering dignity (which is ironically something so many of these Democrats can’t even deliver to themselves).

The Biden White House certainly appreciates many of the water carriers at the New York Times and elsewhere.



Beaming WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain admits that labor shortages and inflation were all part of ‘the Biden-Harris plan’