White House press secretary did so much spinning today that she should have handed out Dramamine to the WH press corps. Among things Psaki was asked about is if anybody will be held accountable for the botched drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan (spoiler: probably not).

Fox News’ Steve Doocy also asked Psaki about different vaccine requirements for people arriving to the U.S. by plane as opposed to what’s not required of those walking into the country illegally at the southern border. Does anybody buy this spin?

Oh, please!

Here’s video of the exchange:

Those arriving at the southern border “are not planning on staying here a lengthy period of time”?

Did they just want to have a quick cup of tea under the bridge and then head back south? That’s what Jen Psaki would like everybody to believe.

And they also know their base will not require any logic and common sense.

That’s abundantly clear.