President Biden’s address today on the economy and Covid-19 contained the usual whoppers. However, Biden reserved the harshest criticism for Republican governors and the rich who “aren’t paying their fair share.” Perhaps Biden should let the Dem-controlled Congress know that since they write the tax laws. Be that as it may, Biden also wants the rich to know he’s a capitalist just like they are, and he’s not interested in punishing anybody (pause for laughter):

First of all, “not out to punish anyone”? That’s a laugh. All Dems like Biden do is sit around trying to figure out ways to punish people who either don’t want anything to do with their agenda or have proven the Left’s approach doesn’t work.

And “I’m a capitalist”? Well, perhaps in a way:

Perhaps the president also has a small investment in Hunter’s budding art career as well.

As usual, Democrat politicians’ rules are intended to apply to you, not them.