As you’re aware, gas prices all around the country haven’t exactly fallen in spite of Jen Psaki earlier this year saying Americans are actually “paying less in real terms” to fuel up their vehicles.

President Biden delivered a speech today about the economy and Covid-19. Naturally, the entire address was laced with lies, gaslighting and self-unawareness. However, there was one portion of the speech that Biden acknowledged reality on the price of gas, even though it is contrary to “lots of evidence” that the price should be going down. Biden didn’t share the evidence but promised to look into it further:

“We’re taking a close look at that.” Great, so the price of gas is about to start going up even faster now, which is what happens whenever a Democrat like Biden says they’re going to “help.”

The Biden White House would of course like everybody to believe some people in the private sector are scheming to keep gas prices high just to make Joe look bad. It just can’t have anything to do with his anti-energy independence policies.

American pipelines — but Biden was fine with Russia getting the Nord Stream 2.