You might remember our story about Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler tweeting the conclusion that “no, the Taliban did not seize $83 billion in U.S. weapons” as Trump claimed. Clearly the intent was to leave the impression that the actual amount of U.S. military property that was abandoned in Afghanistan was worth substantially less than $83 billion. However, according to the Washington Post, Biden only left $65 billion in aircraft, weapons, vehicles and equipment in Afghanistan. In other words, still a lot.

Whatever the actual amount, the Taliban are in possession of enough U.S. vehicles, aircraft and equipment to have a parade:

An “extraordinary success” and “historic” according to President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

A couple years ago presidential candidate Joe Biden slammed Trump’s proposal for a 4th of July military parade, but apparently Biden didn’t have a problem helping the Taliban organize this particular event.