Having solved all other problems, the U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly creating a position to help make the department more woke than it already is:

And it’s good work if you can get it. Check out the salary range:

The Department of Justice has opened a new position to help improve diversity amongst employees in the nation’s top legal department.

A Chief Diversity Officer will join the Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Human Resources and Administration to “lead and coordinate the Department’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” in the federal branch, according to the position’s posting. The advertised salary for the person who lands the job is $144,128 to $172,500 per year.

It’s only taxpayer money so they don’t care — new position it is!

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton puts this administration’s maddening “priorities” in a nutshell:


Adding to the list of DOJ “priorities,” AG Merrick Garland has called on the entire legal community to prevent unnecessary evictions during the ongoing pandemic — in the most diverse way possible, no doubt.