Yesterday New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation:

According to Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn, maybe “60 Minutes” will finally find something Andrew Cuomo-related to report after nearly a year and a half of yawning:

Ah, “journalism”!

Wulfsohn noted that, though “60 Minutes” ignored Cuomo’s myriad scandals and accusations against him, they found time for a bogus hit on Florida Gov. DeSantis:

“60 Minutes” faced significant backlash in April for airing a report that accused DeSantis of a “pay for play” scheme involving the local grocery store chain Publix, which was the first retailer in the Sunshine State to be granted the coronavirus vaccine. The report suggested the popular store was given preferential treatment because of its corporate PAC donation to a DeSantis PAC, but bipartisan voices in Florida decried the narrative as false.

But “journalists don’t take sides,” or something.

Membership has its privileges.