On day one of his presidency, Joe Biden signed an executive order that ended construction of the Keystone Pipeline (which has sparked a $15 billion lawsuit). Biden’s “green” agenda also means less domestic oil production that had ramped up under the Trump presidency. Yesterday, WH press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the accompanying spike in gas prices in the U.S., and her excuse was a familiar one for the Biden administration. Psaki attributed high gas prices under Biden to seasonal fluctuations.

After having started to reduce domestic oil production in the name of battling climate change, the high gas prices have perhaps started showing up in polling, because now the Biden administration is asking OPEC to produce more oil:

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Lauren Boebert are among the Republicans slamming Biden for putting a clamp on U.S. oil production while asking OPEC to ramp up their output:

When Biden took office he made it clear that the days of Trump’s “America first” policies were over, and he wasn’t joking.