The crisis at the border was, to a large degree, sparked by then-candidate Biden urging people to “immediately surge to the border” when he takes office because they “deserve to be heard,” and you know what happened next. The situation at the border is a disaster, which is why VP Kamala Harris is avoiding traveling there even though she’s supposedly in charge of trying to manage the crisis.

The Department of Homeland Security is now doing its part to help the Biden administration spin the mess they created. Gaze in amazement at this doozy of a statement:

Wait, did they really tweet those words?

But according to the current DHS chief and the Biden administration, the border is totally secure (not counting all the “irregular migration”).

It’s the newest progressive way of saying “illegal immigration” without saying it.

Oh, they will!

The Biden administration isn’t trying to fix anything, but rather let the problem keep going while giving it a new name so it doesn’t sound so bad.

That language usage probably isn’t a two-way street:

Try telling the Biden admin that and they’d laugh you out of the room, but it’s OK when they use it to excuse law-breaking at the border.