Here’s a story that has sparked a lot of questions along these lines:

It’s something else that a host was allowed to ever host his own brother during a crisis in the first place, but CNN has reportedly taken action to prevent further embarrassment, though it’s too little too late:

From the New York Post:

CNN claimed Wednesday that it has reinstated a “rule” that prevents Chris Cuomo from “interviewing or covering his brother” — after the host completely ignored the nursing home death cover-up scandal engulfing Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Last year, Chris Cuomo repeatedly interviewed his older brother about the coronavirus pandemic, engaging in often-cringey banter that initially helped boost the ratings for the 9 p.m. “Cuomo Prime Time.”

But the controversy over the Cuomo administration’s admitted cover-up of nursing home death numbers — exclusively revealed by The Post last week — hasn’t been mentioned on Chris’ hour-long show.

What’s amazing is that it was ever allowed to happen in the first place. And CNN wonders why so many people question their “journalism” cred?

CNN’s new formal ban on Cuomo covering Cuomo might not have even been necessary, because on Monday’s CNN program, Chris Cuomo never even mentioned his brother’s name even though scandals abound.