There’s a scene in “Borat 2” that involves the Conservative Political Action Conference and somebody dressed as a member of the KKK. Variety tweeted this quote from the “Borat” actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, in an obvious attempt to help push bogus narratives about conservatives:

The quote is from Baron Cohen’s interview with Ben Affleck. Here’s that portion:

Affleck: Did anybody do anything when you went to CPAC with the Klan outfit?

Baron Cohen: That was the interesting thing. They reacted with indifference. None of the security were concerned.

Affleck: How did you get in there and do that and pull that off?

Baron Cohen: It reminded me a bit of “Argo,” actually. Where the vice president was speaking, that’s the same level of Secret Service as the president. We were limited with how much we could find out. We’d never break the law. We’re very, very careful in case anyone sues us that we’ve never done anything illegal.

Affleck: You must be sued relentlessly and constantly.

Baron Cohen: Oh, all the time.

And it’s clear why he’s no stranger to lawsuits. CPAC 2021 called BS on Cohen saying they reacted with indifference:

The CPAC tweet links to this article from the Washington Times about the incident, and it’s far different than what Variety tweeted. Later in the interview Baron Cohen says he was “escorted out by a bunch of Secret Service,” so that doesn’t exactly sound like being met with “complete indifference.”