Here at Twitchy we’ll often refer to Joe Biden as something like “the presumptive President-Elect,” and there’s a good reason for the “presumptive” qualifier: As much as the media would like to think they’re the ones who make the call, Joe Biden is in fact not yet the “President-Elect” because the Electoral College has not made it official.

Candace Owens said something similar a while back in a video posted to Facebook, and one of their third-party fact-checkers (Politifact in this case), deemed “Joe Biden isn’t the President-Elect” to be a false claim and flagged the post. Many would have perhaps moved on, but not Owens, who fought the “false” ruling and described what happened next:

Gee, it’s almost as if some fact-checkers think their job is to guard the Left/media narrative instead of actually checking facts.

Politifact’s Facebook post acknowledging their removal of the “false” rating for Owens’ video is here.