Because CNN and congressional Democrats work off the same list of talking points, we can’t be surprised that the Dem rhetoric sounds exactly like something you might see on the Resistance cable net.

Yesterday CNN expressed extreme concern that Trump’s acceptance speech event on the White House grounds Thursday night could be a “super spreader” event. On the same day CNN hosted a doctor claiming that the massive march that took place on the National Mall wasn’t as much of a concern when it comes to spreading coronavirus.

Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy took a similar approach, except he did so while flat-out accusing the president of trying to kill everybody:

And the number of replies doubling down on Murphy’s tweet provided further evidence that the MSM has done more than their part when it comes to spreading the Democrat narrative. Others, however, haven’t been intentionally avoiding the reality of what’s been happening:

The Dems (and media) acting as if the virus is woke and therefore not a problem for mass protests has been a special kind of “science” to witness.

Even Grayson might be telling them to take the crazy down a notch by the time the election rolls around.

If Democrats aren’t desperate they’re doing great impressions of people who are desperate.

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