The media has gone to great lengths in their attempts to instill fear in everybody when it comes to COVID-19, but there’s obviously some concern that the hysteria is subsiding:

So if you’re finding yourself with panic-fatigue, there are people who would appreciate it if you could dig deep and ratchet up the anxiety:

I often suspect, though, that I’m getting too blasé about the ongoing threat from covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. And I know I’m not alone. Thousands of us are less afraid than we were at the pandemic’s outset, even though in many parts of the country mounting case counts have increased the danger of getting the virus.
Given the public health costs of this kind of mental adaptation, psychologists and risk analysts say, there’s a strong case for pushing back against our own flawed risk assessments — and for putting up policy guardrails that protect us from our increasing numbness to the virus’s danger.

In other words, the level of freakout needs to be upped and maintained. Ironically the media, by constantly trying to cause panic, is to a large degree the reason why people are starting to roll their eyes.

The WaPo sure has all the “science” bases covered: