Yesterday President Trump announced that plans for an RNC convention in Jacksonville were being scrapped. Trump also reiterated his call for schools to open up in the fall. The media can always be counted on to try and combine apples and oranges on behalf of the Democrat narrative:

The two aren’t exactly comparable, but the MSM won’t stop trying.

Why won’t the MSM look at it another way around and ask Democrats why schools can’t be open if scenes like these in American cities are acceptable?

Scenes like that aren’t going unnoticed by people who have spent months not being able to have funerals for loves ones, go to restaurants or get haircuts:

An honest national media (if only) might show Democrats pictures of those protests they support and ask if that’s “safe” then why isn’t it OK to open schools, but the “journalists” won’t go there.

That’s a certainty.

Dems do have their priorities!

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