Remember the op-ed that Sen. Tom Cotton wrote which ran in the New York Times and culminated in the opinion page editor resigning, all while triggering many reporters working for the paper? Well, Tom Cotton is back in the New York Times (their website to be more specific), except this time as an advertiser:

From the Free Beacon:

Just a week after the appearance of the Republican senator’s byline in the paper sparked outrage among Times employees, a new ad from Cotton’s affiliated political action committee is plastered on the Times‘s website. A top adviser for Cotton praised the paper for running the ads, which target Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and portray him as “too confused to lead.”

“While we were concerned that the woke mob would stifle debate, it’s admirable that the New York Times will run these ads from Senator Cotton’s PAC,” the adviser told the Washington Free Beacon, adding that the senator and his team are “grateful to the New York Times for sharing Senator Cotton’s message that Joe Biden is too confused to be president.”

As a result of the controversy over his NYT op-ed, Cotton’s campaign says it has raised almost $200,000 since the flap, according to the Beacon.

Which brings us to this:

The hits just keep on coming for the Times!

Pass the popcorn!

Are you not entertained?

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