To say that the political media — DC White House reporters in particular — have an adversarial relationship with President Trump and do a lot of water carrying for the DNC would be an understatement. But apparently not having a president to ask what he finds most enchanting about the job is some seriously tiring work, as The Hollywood Reporter noted in a story:

This part’s unintentionally hilarious, especially coming from somebody at CNN:

A senior CNN producer tells The Hollywood Reporter that the network’s journalists are not rooting against the president in November but guessed they would welcome a return to a more “normal” presidency and accompanying news cycle.

Basically “we’re not rooting against Trump, but we would just prefer if he lost.” Peak CNN!

One more:

Another prominent White House reporter polled by THR expressed uncertainty about whether they would be game for another four years.

“If the president is re-elected, part of me would want to embark on something wildly different,” the journalist says.

As for the reporters who would like to return to the hibernation they were in for eight years during Obama’s presidency, the Trump whining speaks volumes.

It’s just so very telling. Too bad “journalists” don’t understand what they’re admitting.

Ah, the good old days of the preferred form of “journalism”!

But at least one reporter would still be up to the task: