Tara Reade’s allegation against Joe Biden has exposed so very many double standards on the Left, but in total fairness, some Democrats are sticking with the #MeToo rules as they existed when Brett Kavanaugh was the accused.

Rep. Eric Swalwell is still “believe all women”:

From the Washington Examiner:

On Friday, Fox News anchor Ed Henry asked Swalwell why many Democrats are no longer adhering to the widely popularized mantra “believe women” during the #MeToo movement.

“Joe Biden, in 2018, said about Brett Kavanaugh, ‘Believe women.’ So, why should we not believe this woman?” Henry asked.

“We should believe this woman. And then we should also look to other facts that may exist,” Swalwell said. “The vice president has a story to tell as well,” the member of Congress also said, saying he would not question Reade’s motivations behind voicing her story during an election year.

At long last, a little consistency!

Swalwell also said Biden’s senatorial records sealed at the University of Delaware should be searched for Tara Reade’s name:

Swalwell has definitely strayed from the Dem talking points on this issue.