Earlier today we told you about MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and a guest discussing, almost excitedly it seemed, how the coronavirus might turn into “Trump’s Katrina.”

There’s no shortage of media when it comes to attempts to throw fuel on the panic fire, but today brought with it one more such person in the form of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman:

On the plus side, Krugman’s prediction track record isn’t the greatest. Also, not unlike Rep. Ilhan Omar and others on the Left, Krugman used the virus as an opportunity to push some other progressive causes all while blaming Trump (of course):

Krugman thinks it’s Trump’s fault? Color us SHOCKED!

Only the hottest of takes from the New York Times’ Nobel laureate economist.

Without question.

If Krugman’s as right about the coronavirus as he was about what would happen to the markets when Trump was elected, that’s the correct takeaway:



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