Tomorrow is Super Tuesday where multiple states will vote for which Democrat they want to get the party’s presidential nomination. Bette Midler’s choice has really made some on the Left unhappy with her:

The triggering in progressive circles caused by that endorsement aside, “consider climate change” made us chuckle.

Bloomberg’s carbon footprint is massive. Sure, the hypocrisy from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other 2020 Dems who say burning fossil fuels is causing an “existential crisis” for humanity while climbing aboard private jets to fly around the country is bad enough, but Bloomberg makes them look like pikers.

Let’s start with this Vanity Fair profile of Bloomberg last month:

Bloomberg retorted that he pays taxes and lives in New York City, but the truth, of course, is much more complicated—and luxurious. Bloomberg does live in New York, and depending on how you count them, he reportedly has eight homes in the state. He also reportedly owns several properties in London, Florida, Colorado, and Bermuda, where locals have referred to him as a part-time resident.

And of course Bloomberg doesn’t get to all those places by bicycle or hot air balloon. From the New York Times:

Private jets have practically become de rigueur among the elite; everyone who is anyone either owns one or charters one regularly. Mayor Bloomberg is no exception: his trips to Bermuda aboard his private jet often fill in the blanks on weekends when he has no public schedule.

But his passion for flying and owning helicopters puts him in a rarefied circle, occupied by the likes of Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Gisele Bündchen.

“Consider climate change”? Hilarious.