A New York Times story about personnel the new acting DNI Richard Grenell is bringing into the intelligence office contains these two paragraphs:

One of his first hires was Kashyap Patel, a senior National Security Council staff member and former key aide to Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California and the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Patel will have a mandate to “clean house,” CBS News reported, citing a person close to the matter.

Mr. Patel was best known as the lead author of a politically charged memo two years ago that accused F.B.I. and Justice Department leaders of abusing their surveillance powers to spy on a former Trump campaign adviser. The memo was widely criticized as misleading, though an inspector general later found other problems with aspects of the surveillance.

There’s some Olympic-level spin gymnastics in that article, as James Hasson pointed out:

We see what you did there, NY Times:

“Pretty telling” indeed, though perhaps not too surprising considering the source.

They’re trying so hard.

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