As we told you over the weekend, Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna demanded that Twitter take down a video tweeted by President Trump featuring a Tuskegee Airman who was honored during the State of the Union and Nancy Pelosi ripping up her copy of the speech, which happened at the end of the address:

Count Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff among those who want social media platforms to take down the video:

Andy Stone of Facebook communications (who, it’s worth mentioning, formerly worked for the DCCC and Democrats including Barbara Boxer) responded this way:

Facebook’s begging for a strongly-worded letter from Pelosi’s office:

The video’s still up, so obviously social media companies don’t agree that the video goes against terms of service.

It looks like they’re saying they don’t want the video shown in other contexts because they demand it.

Not that they’d ever admit that.