President Trump approving the airstrike that killed Quds leader Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s subsequent firing of rockets at U.S. bases inside Iraq has caused many Democrats to sound as if they’re spokespeople for the Ayatollah. Some are even refusing to blame Iran for shooting down a passenger jet over their own country, opting instead to say Trump’s at fault. This has all culminated in congressional Democrats taking an approach clearly designed to portray Trump as a warmonger:

Brit Hume rolled his eyes at the “powerful rebuke” report:

It’s purely symbolic, not that the MSM won’t continue to push the “powerful rebuke” narrative.

Greg Gutfeld also swatted down the Democrats’ effort to paint Trump as a warmonger, and used the New York Times to do so:

That quote is from a David Brooks column published today.

One thing’s for sure: The Democrats (and their stenographers in the media) are completely off the rails.