As things stand at the moment, it’s looking like the full House could vote on articles of impeachment as early as next week. If the House does indeed vote to impeach the president, the process would then transfer to the Senate for a trial.

The current Democrat angle of attack to delegitimize a potential Senate trial by highlighting recent comments from Mitch McConnell about coordinating with the White House while totally ignoring a recent clarification from Tom Daschle, who was the Majority Leader during the impeachment trial of then-President Clinton:

Democrats at the time didn’t have any problem with Daschle’s staff coordinating with the White House, but this is the era of Trump, when memories are short and Resistance is strong. Because of that, Democrat Rep. Val Demings is saying Sen. McConnell should recuse himself:

Demings would obviously rather leave all this in the hands of the totally impartial Democrats.

What are the odds that McConnell would recuse himself?

We don’t think so either.

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