Heading into another holiday season always brings with it attempts to shame and lecture Americans about things ranging from what you serve to what you discuss. This year’s batch of finger-waggers has included takes from the Washington Post, The Atlantic, the ACLU, MoveOn and even a self-unaware pro-abortion group. The HuffPost suggested skipping turkey altogether (not to mention the travel) out of concerns for the environment and climate change. It’s all gotten so predictable.

However, that hasn’t stopped the takes from coming. NowThisNews also has some advice, with some help from a “zero-waste vegan chef.” No, seriously. Prepare to be waste-shamed:

Have you ever seen anybody throw away 35 percent of the uneaten food that was prepared? We sure haven’t. And we’re also going to assume that “estimate” is somehow hugely rounded off, not unlike other climate change alarmist estimates and speculations:

“Guesstimated” at best — “pulled it out of the turkey’s backside” at worst.

Making that face has become a holiday tradition!

Anybody who’s become an expert at saving & distributing leftovers has to be facepalming yet again.

So it depends on what their definition of “waste” is? Perfect.

Maybe the food police should consider doing 35-percent less nannying every holiday season before they lecture everybody else about waste.



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