There are people who would like news content on social media to be first reviewed by “fact-checkers” like PolitiFact in order to help filter out the untruths, and that’s often when one of those organizations will help prove why it’s a bad idea. That’s because every now and then, the fact-checkers need to be fact-checked:

Here’s what PolitiFact had to say about a recent Trump ad saying 2020 Dems’ “Medicare for All” plans would cover illegal immigrants:

Wow, that “fact-check” could have been sent in straight from the DNC, but fortunately, there are many who gauge what’s true and what isn’t using their own eyes and ears:

Unbelievable hackery on the part of PolitiFact:

And it wasn’t just a moment at a Democratic debate:

In its article, the “mostly false” rating is justified by reviewing allegations that “all Democrats on the stage” raised their hands after being asked if their health care plan would cover illegal immigrants for “free,” when, according to PolitiFact’s ruling, those Dems didn’t clarify if it would be “free” or not. Come on!