Depending on which loud alarm you pay attention to, humanity has anywhere from a couple of months to about 11 1/2 years remaining before everything comes to an end for those who didn’t previously succumb to tax cuts or net neutrality. The Atlantic shared a hot take from a travel writer about one thing people might need to give up in order to slow down the advance of climate change and save the mansion the Obamas just bought next to the ocean on Martha’s Vineyard:

A travel writer writing about how people probably should travel is a novel approach:


There’s just nothing that an environmental scold won’t be happy to tell you what you shouldn’t be doing.

It’s good work if you can get it!

We’ve noticed that long-haul climate change conferences are still perfectly acceptable, however.

Highly unlikely.

They’re always glad to help.

Naturally any new “rule” on global travel would have exceptions for certain people.