Bernie Sanders is among many on the Left who have called for the Electoral College to be abolished. Additionally, columnists for the New York Times and Washington Post have said a Trump win in 2020 would spark a “legitimacy crisis” if he doesn’t get the most total votes in the whole country (which of course is not what the contest is). It’s almost as if Dems are setting the narrative already for a Trump win in 2020, and that’s bringing with it all sorts of possible scenarios:

Former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes is among those who will feel “democracy” slipping away if Trump wins re-election in accordance with the Constitution:

It looks like somebody is in need of a civics education.

Dems like Rhodes can’t understand or they’d have to admit that Trump won in accordance with constitutional election guidelines and stop playing their “popular vote” game.

Right? It sounds like Rhodes might be preparing himself for a repeat of election night 2016: