The end of another week brings with it an Associated Press fact check of stories that gained exposure this week:

The first story fact-checked in the article? A video made by @CarpeDonktum:

Why yes, yes they did. Here’s just part of what the Associated Press passed along so others don’t think obvious parodies are the real deal:

CLAIM: Video shows Joe Biden making a “shocking admission.” Biden’s speech also appears to be impaired in the video.

THE FACTS: Democratic presidential candidate Biden did not make any sort of admission. Rather, in the video, he was referencing comments made about him by President Donald Trump. The source footage was slowed down and two clips from it were cut and spliced together to produce this altered video. A social media user who uses the handle @CarpeDonktum posted the altered video to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit on Wednesday and Thursday, calling it a “shocking admission” and saying it forced him to question Biden’s mental health. @CarpeDonktum, whose Twitter bio says he creates “doctored” videos in support of Trump, told The Associated Press that he had slowed down the video and cut the two clips together. On Reddit, he labeled the video as “doctored” because he said users on Reddit may not be familiar with his parody style videos.

What would we do without the media?

Oh, we’re sure they’ll get to the Babylon Bee soon enough.

But on the upside:

So there’s that.