Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night, and beforehand it was obvious that she was looking forward to all the softball questions:

Pelosi has said that any effort to impeach Trump in the House could amount to a “fool’s errand,” but she also had to throw out the obligatory red meat for the Resistance, invoking the Founding Fathers in her effort:

Democrats and their supporters are increasingly pointing out that all this is more of a branding effort than an attempt to hold anybody accountable for illegal activity, but Pelosi knew the friendly audience would lap up whatever she put down for them.

Along the way, Kimmel told Pelosi “we haven’t had a chance to see the Mueller report”:

And Pelosi seemed in no hurry to remind him the report was released to the public weeks ago. However, Pelosi did deem it necessary to hold Trump accountable, and to do it for “kids in the hood.” No, seriously:

File that under “When you’ve lost Peter Daou”: