Hillary Clinton was on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show last night, and even though Obama himself has said that Russia’s meddling had no impact on the ballots cast, she continued to insist Russia is one of the main reasons Trump defeated her:

We assume that should read “sow” instead of “sew,” unless Russia used a needle and thread to stitch together Clinton’s election loss excuses, which are many. Hillary also says she’s shared advice with Dems running in 2020:

Is Clinton’s loss because of Russia or the Electoral College? Maybe both? We’re confused. All we know for sure is that it isn’t her fault! *Eye roll*

Clinton, in another impressive display of self-unawareness, also took this swipe at the president after talking about Trump for quite a while:

Oh really? In that case…

Who exactly is living “rent free” in somebody’s head, Hillary?

Reality is obviously proving very difficult for Hillary and the Dems to deal with.

Keep giving Dem candidates your advice, Hillary — the Republicans will appreciate it.