Joe Biden spoke at his first 2020 campaign rally today in Pittsburgh, and the former veep spoke as if the country has basically crumbled because of Trump:

Biden naturally took aim at Trump while choosing to forget who was in the White House for the eight years before Trump took office:

Biden also said the economy is lousy for the middle class and claimed that the GOP tax cuts for most Americans were a lie because the size of IRS refund checks are down:

It was all too much for Laura Ingraham:

Watching Dems try and convince Americans why an economy that’s on a roll isn’t in their best interests continues to be entertaining.

Oh no. Joe doesn’t have another “Recovery Summer” in mind, does he?

If anything Biden spent a half hour kicking Obama’s policies under the bus.

That’s really all the Dems have at this point, but Biden’s speech in particular sounded no different than what he was saying years ago.

There was little in Biden’s speech that sounded any different than when he ran in 2007 or campaigned as Obama’s VP in 2008 and 2012.