During a presidential debate in 2012, Mitt Romney made a statement that was mocked by then-President Obama along with other Democrats as well as many in the media:

The Democrats were all over it, with the happy assistance and applause of many in the mainstream media:

Fast-forward to 2019, with Sen. Romney’s comments about the Mueller report:

There are some who are now so eager to attempt to slam Trump with a Mueller report that showed no collusion (which is what this was supposed to have been all about in the first place) that they’re willing to kick Obama under the bus in order to do so, albeit nearly seven years later. Case-in-point: The NY Times’ WH correspondent Maggie Haberman:

Now that Russia’s been fashioned into a bludgeon to use against Trump, it’s time for a re-think?

“Journalism” goes any way the narrative wind blows.

“Please” indeed.

Bonus assignment for the MSM: