We told you yesterday that congressional Dems such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi weren’t defending Rep. Ilhan Omar and her 9/11 comments that have caused lefties to circle the wagons. However, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren defended the Minnesota Rep by slamming Trump for a video he tweeted that contained Omar’s words along with images from 9/11.

As for Nancy Pelosi, her office must have been trying to figure out what angle of attack to take, and they’ve settled on this. It seems the Speaker forgot to mention who got all this started and what was said at the time:

Pelosi didn’t want to mention Rep. Omar or quote her? Go figure! Besides, now Pelosi’s concerned about “reverence”?

Directly quoting a Democrat is considered an “attack” on that person, apparently.

Those are the rules, but it looks like they only apply to criticism of Democrats.

But as you might have predicted, Pelosi’s statement isn’t going far enough for the party’s lefty base and others.


Have fun at the next caucus meeting, Nancy!

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