Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recorded a climate change town hall with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes today in the Bronx:

And AOC is ready to take action on her Green New Deal resolution. Or at least she’s ready to talk about taking action on the Green New Deal:

We haven’t seen the final product, but there’s no doubt AOC will continue to sound the alarm that the time is NOW to take action on climate change by implementing the Green New Deal by any means other than actually voting on it:

“Humanity has less than 12 years to take drastic action on climate change but we won’t vote on our own plan to save the world” isn’t the convincing approach many Dems seem to think it is:

Perhaps a disclaimer from MSNBC would be in order before televising the town hall:



*SNICKER* AOC asks Twitter for questions for her #GreenNewDeal Town Hall on MSNBC and NO WAY she’ll answer ANY of these