Robert Mueller’s special counsel office is expected to, at some point in the coming days or weeks, release its report after investigating accusations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia. CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti now isn’t expecting Mueller to find a case for collusion, and guess whose fault that will be:

If the Mueller report is a Resistance letdown, it’ll be because Trump (and those who waited for all the facts) didn’t live up to the narrative set by the Left? We share this initial reaction:

Resistance expectations continue to wildly fluctuate:

Reality seems to be setting in for some, which of course means Mueller’s report won’t be the end of it no matter what’s in it.

Hmm, it seems that Mariotti used to have more confidence that the Mueller report would NOT disappoint the Resistance:

The goal posts are moving so fast it’s hard to tell where they are at any given time.