As Twitchy told you yesterday, Kamala Harris’ campaign started to do some damage control after the candidate vowed to eliminate private health insurance:

A CNN reporter heard from the Harris campaign and updated their position based on that blowback even though the “new” claim sounded a lot like the previous one:

That was based partly on blowback like this from Harris’ communications director:

Really? Harris seemed to make her position quite clear at the town hall:

The original statement from Harris didn’t seem too ambiguous.

Also, we’re told by Dems that it’s a direct threat to “democracy” to dare question the media, but it’s obviously acceptable if the Left does it.

It’s so confusing.





POPCORN time! Dems flee Kamala Harris’ targeting of private health plans, and it speaks VOLUMES

Sen. Sherrod Brown stands with Sen. Kamala Harris’ plan to eliminate private health insurance, which she’s already backed away from