With many Dems in Congress getting behind a “Green New Deal” that would, so they claim, save the world from a fiery demise 12 years from now, there’s a question about what Americans are willing to pay to fend off that alleged doomsday. The answer? Not much:

Sorry, progressives.

From NBC News:

But even as two new surveys confirm the public’s growing awareness of global warming, they also indicate that the issue is still not a front-burner concern and that taxpayers don’t want to pay very much to rein in the greenhouse gases that are at the root of the problem.
But the survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research also showed that Americans — despite that knowledge — still do not rate climate change as a front-of-mind issue. Health care, the economy, terrorism, immigration and energy policy were all cited before climate change as concerns in the Associated Press poll, conducted nationwide in November among 1,202 adults.

The reaction from the likes of AOC, Bernie Sanders and others would no doubt be to “make the rich pay.”

Funny how that works for so many.