Who’s up for a global diet change just so what’s on your plate fits neatly with the lefty alarmism about man-made climate change? These “experts” certainly are:

These “experts” plan to get all up in your grill, literally:

A hamburger a week, but no more — that’s about as much red meat people should eat to do what’s best for their health and the planet, according to a report seeking to overhaul the world’s diet.

Eggs should be limited to fewer than about four a week, the report says. Dairy foods should be about a serving a day, or less.

The report from a panel of nutrition, agriculture and environmental experts recommends a plant-based diet, based on previously published studies that have linked red meat to increased risk of health problems. It also comes amid recent studies of how eating habits affect the environment.

Yeah, they might run into a little bit of pushback on that attempt to control everything everybody eats.


How did humanity possibly survive for so long without this latest batch of life-saving “experts”?

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