As we’re often told, the patriarchy rules everything, and Jezebel took a sexism angle to country music with this tweet and article:

Is that so? It won’t surprise you to know that reality didn’t seem to quite match up with that particular hot take for many:

To get things started, the article begins this way:

Billboard reports that for the first time since 1990, its Country Airplay chart dated December 8, which pulls from mainstream country radio stations, had no women in the top 20, and then there were no women in the top 20 again for this week’s chart. Billboard also reports that only four women made their year-end Country Airplay Artists tally, and this year Maren Morris is the only woman in the top 20 (at No. 14).

Why does this matter? Well, because country radio hasn’t historically been interested in promoting the music of women. Whether that’s a reality due to men in radio like Keith Hill—who made headlines in 2015 for suggesting that men are the salad of country radio and women are the tomatoes—or the fault of labels who prefer to support music made by men, is unclear. Or at least, that’s what country music label heads and radio programmers would like you to believe.

The reaction to Jezebel’s latest hot take was pretty massive:

Suffice to say Jezebel’s tweet got a good, old-fashioned country ratioing.

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