Another day brings with it another hot take about what man-made climate change is causing to happen (and notice the headline indicates it is happening NOW):

Wait, what?

That’s what we thought it said.

But here’s the good news:

SO true! You’ll notice the title says climate change “is causing” changes in sharks. But in fact the story says the simulations of what some scientists think is going to happen is what’s causing changes:

Australian scientists went snorkeling for shark eggs, then incubated those eggs in a special tank designed to simulate the hot, end-of-century temperatures expected to prevail if climate change continues unabated. Half of the sharks died within a month. The other half became right-handed.

So in summary…

We’re dangerously close to being labeled as climate change-induced right-handed shark deniers, aren’t we?

Other than that, watch out for the right-handed sharks the next time you go swimming in the ocean.

We probably haven’t seen anything yet!