Former FBI Director James Comey was on Capitol Hill this morning to offer private testimony (for now) to members of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees:

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu is eager to delve in deeper about what Comey knows. Wait, no he isn’t:

Here’s what Lieu told CNN about Comey’s behind-closed-doors testimony today (video at the link):

“This is an investigation that’s going to end on January 3rd. I think it really is quite a stupid thing to have James Comey come in and go over the same exact topics he’s already gone over previously in front of the American people and Congress. He’s written a whole book on it, there’s been an inspector general investigation on the issues. I’m not sure why this interview is even happening.”

In other words, “hang in there just a couple more weeks, Mr. Comey.”

The House Dems have to clear the slate for more Trump investigations.