As you now know, the New York Post has reported that former FBI Director James Comey “discussed sensitive FBI business” using his private email:

Fired FBI chief James Comey used his private Gmail account hundreds of times to conduct government business — and at least seven of those messages were deemed so sensitive by the Justice Department that they declined to release them.

The former top G-man repeatedly claimed he only used his private account for “incidental” purposes and never for anything that was classified — and that appears to be true.

But Justice acknowledged in response to a Freedom of Information request that Comey and his chief of staff discussed government business on about 1,200 pages of messages, 156 of which were obtained by The Post.

CNBC’s John Harwood doesn’t see it as any big deal. Why?

So does that settle it?

The media almost certainly wouldn’t consider “but everybody does it” to be an acceptable excuse coming from a Republican.

Stay tuned.