As we reported over the weekend, ICE arresting an illegal immigrant while he was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital for a c-section had the anti-ICE Resistance immediately fuming, with the media’s help. What was left out of original reports was that the man was wanted for murder in Mexico:

Among reporters helping spread half the story right out of the gate was the Toronto Star’s Washington correspondent Daniel Dale:

27,000 retweets. Impressive! But, in light of the other part of the story making the rounds, a clarification was issued, but it obviously didn’t have nearly the viral appeal as the first tweet:

That one was only good for just over a thousand retweets. Dale says he’s learned a lesson though, while blaming ICE just a little bit:

The reason so many “journalists” were quick to jump all over the early report wouldn’t be that it just happened to fit the narrative, could it?

These days the media’s credo seems to be “if it fits the liberal narrative, it leads!”



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