Over 300 newspapers are publishing editorials rebutting Trump’s criticism of the media in a coordinated effort to collectively fire back at the president’s “fake news” accusations. As a result, the hashtag #FreePress has been trending on Twitter. However, the Los Angeles Times wrote that they wouldn’t be participating — at least not in lock-step with the other papers. Here’s why:

From the L.A. Times’ editorial:

We still believe that. Nevertheless, the editorial board decided not to write about the subject on this particular Thursday because we cherish our independence.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board does not speak for the New York Times or for the Boston Globe or the Chicago Tribune or the Denver Post. We share certain opinions with those newspapers; we disagree on other things. Even when we do agree with another editorial page — on the death penalty or climate change or war in Afghanistan, say — we reach our own decisions and positions after careful consultation and deliberation among ourselves, and then we write our own editorials. We would not want to leave the impression that we take our lead from others, or that we engage in groupthink.

The Times got plenty of backlash over that editorial, as you might have guessed, and much of it is fairly ironic:

Some displays of freedom of the press are less committed to the First Amendment than other more collective displays of freedom of the press, apparently.