Late last year it was reported that actress Mila Kunis said she donates to Planned Parenthood every month in the name of VP Mike Pence. Aside from that serving as yet another example of why Planned Parenthood doesn’t need taxpayer funding, Kunis admitted that until recently she didn’t know (or care) people had other opinions on abortion:

Wait, really?

Sure is.

After the story about Kunis donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name made the rounds, pro-lifers reportedly started donating money to pro-life groups in the name of Mila Kunis, which came as a shock to the actress, as reported by the Daily Wire:

“So there’s an address that was listed online that’s not necessarily my personal address, but it’s listed as if it’s my personal address,” she said. “So then people started giving donations to the opposing side, which I didn’t even know that there was one. Okay, I don’t want to promote it, whatever it is.”

“Whatever it is”?



You might also remember a few years ago when Kunis was also baffled to learn that poor Republicans exist.