A study finding that a single-payer health care system as advocated by people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would cost in the neighborhood of $32 trillion was disputed by Sanders’ office, even though they said they hadn’t yet run the numbers themselves. Proponents of the so-called “Medicare for All” proposal have said it would lead to overall savings:

Daily Beast national editor Justin Miller presented these numbers in an attempt to back up claims such as that:

Believe it or not, that “math” was a tough sell for many.

Hey, when a proposal for tens of trillions hits the table, we’re all in this together!

Many politicians’ proposals supposedly will “pay for themselves” or “save money” in some way but yet the U.S. still somehow has ended up $21 trillion in debt. Go figure!

But wait, there could be more!

Give it time.