Twitter has recently been defending itself, quite unsuccessfully in many circles, over accusations that the service has been shadowbanning conservatives. Meanwhile, next up, third party involvement will be a thing when it comes to the “health” of conversation on Twitter:

Here’s just part of the “metrics” that are being set up, and the reason(s) why:

Examining echo chambers and uncivil discourse

Led by Dr. Rebekah Tromble, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Leiden University, along with Dr. Michael Meffert at Leiden, Dr. Patricia Rossini and Dr. Jennifer Stromer-Galley at Syracuse University, Dr. Nava Tintarev at Delft University of Technology, and Dr. Dirk Hovy at Bocconi University, this project will develop two sets of metrics: how communities form around political discussions on Twitter, and the challenges that may arise as those discussions develop.

“In the context of growing political polarization, the spread of misinformation, and increases in incivility and intolerance, it is clear that if we are going to effectively evaluate and address some of the most difficult challenges arising on social media, academic researchers and tech companies will need to work together much more closely. This initiative presents an important and promising opportunity for Twitter and our team of researchers to share expertise and work on solutions together,” Tromble said.

The Leiden-led project will primarily focus on two key challenges: echo chambers and uncivil discourse. Based on their past findings, echo chambers, which form when discussions involve only like-minded people and perspectives, can increase hostility and promote resentment towards those not having the same conversation. The project’s first set of metrics will assess the extent to which people acknowledge and engage with diverse viewpoints on Twitter.

Twitter got some positive feedback, but mostly Dorsey’s announcement only set off more alarm bells:

What could possibly go wrong?



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